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guess we'll see if this ends up being career suicide for charlie sheen or not. harvey, thank you very much. we'll see you at 6:30 for tmz. >>> now, let's go to brian bolter and what is next at 6. >>> causing all sorts of problems are the wind and we'll have a live report on that. >>> and americans stranded in libya are making their way out of the country this evening as the white house reacts to the crisis. we'll have the latest. >> and a d.c. council member takes action after a suv scandal causes an uproar. hang tight. see you at 6. >> i'm bob barnard with the home team advantage having some people crying foul. >> a lending company is offering up a unusual dessert, ice cream made from human breast milk. the ice creamist, a trendy, yes, laura, that is what i said. a trendy parlor calls it a baby gaga ice cream claiming it sold out on friday. the company paid women who donated their breast milk after going through screenings, it was pasture aided and churned with vanilla and lemon zest. the ice cream sells for $22 a dish. >> we drink milk from cows. >> i'm not saying it's okay and i wo
for a few more days. >>> and don't expect to see charlie sheen changing the hard partying ways in the hospital. during an interview with dan patrick, a directv fox sports radio host, sheen said he won't stop drinking and claimed he was seener for five years a long time ago and that was boring. he checked into rehab two weeks ago and is undergoing what he calls rehab at home. >> we'll see how that works for him. >>> and now to brian bolter and a look at what is on the news edge at 6. >>> a double shooting in broad daylight, a busy maryland intersection turned into a shooting gallery. we have a crew headed to the scene in waldorf and we'll bring you a live report at the top of the hour. >>> and they are the attacks that has a nation reeling after 9/11. a panel is shedding new light on the anthrax attacks that left five people dead. >>> and a plan to build the national slavery museum in virginia. and fueling anger tonight. why some are demanding answers from the state's former governor. see you at 6. 's rig >> we have breaking news for you off the top tonight. bullets fly at a bus
mind. >> thanks, gary. >>> to the talk to the town on tmz, video has surfaced showing charlie sheen at the beginning of his alleged 36 hour party binge last week. harvey is here with us. does this video show? >> reporter: it shot at the beginning of the binge. he brought some of his girlfriends along for the ride, and you see him dancing, having a great time. but the weird thing is you see his teeth as well and there are gold caps in his teeth. it's bizarre. it's almost little wayne like. the gold goes all the way in the back apparently. but it looks bizarre and you'll see it closer on the television show tonight. i wasn't expecting it. >> oh, my goodness. okay, so what is the fallout? he checked into rehab and checked out. what's the latest on him right now? >> reporter: well, actually, no, he is doing rehab at home right now. and the addiction experts are coming to him. we are told that he will miss two episodes of two and a half men. the show is shut down for these two episodes, and probably around the beginning of february, if all goes the way the plan is scheduled now, he'll go
of the workweek shape up? the full forecast is next. e >> actor charlie sheen is making headlines, talking about his war with cbs. the network cancelled production of the hit show 2 1/2 men the rest of the season and now sheen is demanding cbs give him a raise and pay him $3 million an episode to come back to the show instead of the current $2 million he appeared on nbcs "the today show" this morning. take a look. >> are you clean now? >> look at me. duh. drug tests don't lie. >> when was the last time you did drugs? >> don't remember, don't care. the drug tests don't lie. scoreboard don't lie. >> you said you cured yourself. >> yes. >> of addiction. alcoholics anonymous. how have you done that? >> i closed my eyes and made it see with the power of my mind. we couldn't call it rehab. didn't have one to operate one. it was a crisis management center, the silver valley lodge. >> you labeled your house? >> yeah. >> are you embarrassed your children will read about this one day? >> no, talk about anec. this and that's the guy and he's our dad and we can get all the answers and the truth, wow,
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4